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A Circle for Crochet Enthusiasts

A Circle for Crochet Enthusiasts

A Circle for Crochet EnthusiastsA Circle for Crochet Enthusiasts

How to Crochet Caps for Charity

Hands-on, easy to follow, and fun instructions by Master Crochet teacher Evelyn Rainey. Also included are ways to make caps of any size, what information should be tagged on the caps, and where and how to find places to receive your wonderful crochet caps. You should be able to crochet one complete cap by the end of this video! 

Music by Kevin McLeod.

How to Crochet a Hexagon

A hexagon (6-sided shape) can be used to create a stunning beehive afghan, a stuffed ball, blankets, jackets, anything that you'd love to do. This simple, hands-on narrated video will lead you from the beginning to the end of your very own crocheted hexagon.

How to Crochet a Rose - Part A video lessons

Easy to follow, hands-on directions to crochet a rose.

This is first of two parts.

Crochet Rose - Part B

Easy to follow, hands on instructions for crocheting a rose - the second of two parts.

Adding Leaves to the Crochet Rose

Crochet leaves to attach to your beautiful florals.